A more innovative approach to Project Management

Welcome to my blog.  I created this community for innovative Project Managers to discuss and share creative approaches to solve problems and present established information in new ways.

As part of my posting I will be sharing various data, templates and tutorials to create exciting project tools that will help engage your intended stakeholders.

If you love reading history then I also intend to provide various examples of project management practice being used.  Although the term Project Management wasn’t coined until the 20th Century, there are numerous examples of Project Management style approaches throughout the ages.

One of my favourite books is Napoleon on Project Management because it manages to combine two passions – history and Project Management.  It made me realise how much can be learnt from history to gain insights and lessons learned (good or bad) from what would have been considered projects and project managers throughout history.

Finally on this site I will be discussing various thoughts, ideas and resources that will support in your professional development – from being able to set useful goals and objectives to good interview technique.

To learn more about the rationale of this site I recommend visiting my About page.

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